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First Ever Sattelite Camp on the Island of Bohol

First ever satellite camp on the Island of Bohol

The WOL TEAM ministered to 181 campers with 71 teens making decisions for Christ, 89 being assured of their salvation and 56 dedicating their lives to the Lord!

This is a testimony of the team leader Jonel Arcedera:
I had the opportunity to work with two young men in the kitchen for food preparation and dishwashing. During the five days of our assignment, I shared my salvation testimony and the testimony of God’s grace in my life. Rix and Marvs helped me translate my outline into the Cebuano language (the dialect of Bohol). The first message they helped me out was about “CrossOver” (“CrossOver” was the theme of the camp). The other one was a campfire message –“CrossOver” is Embracing New Values. I joked with them that since they had already heard a lot from me during our time together in the kitchen they might not be interested in listening to me at the campfire…but when the invitation was given after my message these two dedicated their lives to the Lord! Please pray for them that they will continue to grow in the Lord. Rix also learned how to share the gospel through “rope tricks.”
Jonel & disciples