The Continuing Story from our Isabela Ministry

The continuing Story from Isabela

As our staff were going room to room in a large high school sharing the gospel one of the team members, named Wadie, decided to write his cell number on the blackboard. He told the students to text him anytime if they had questions about what they had heard. Four students took down his number that day and have been texting him questions about the gospel since then.

One young lady who took down the phone number has been going through some very difficult family struggles. Genelyn texted Wadie out of hopelessness one day and shared the struggles she had been going through. “Jesus is the answer to your struggles,” Wadie responded. He recommended she go back and reread the tract she had been given. She told him that she had lost the tract but wanted to know more, so Wadie spent the next half hour sharing the gospel with her again through text messaging. That evening, after hearing the gospel this second time, Genelyn decided that she was ready to place her faith in Jesus Christ!! We are rejoicing in the continued work God is doing in Isabella as a result of the gospel message going forth!